League & Complex Contacts:

What is the address of the complex and league?
The Wichita Regional Soccer Association (WRSA) will be a KSYSA and USYSA sanctioned league operated at Stryker Sports Complex. The address of the complex and league is 2999 N. Greenwich Rd, Wichita, KS 67226.

How can I contact the Stryker Sports Complex office?
You can reach the office via email at: strykeroffice@strykersportscomplex.com. We will respond to you normally in 24 hours. The office phone number is 316-260-1060.

What are the hours of the Stryker Sports Complex?
Stryker hours will be 9 am-6:00 pm Monday to Friday as well as weekends that the WRSA youth leagues are playing or an event is scheduled.

How can I contact the WRSA (Wichita Regional Soccer Association) league office?
You can reach the office via email at: wrsaoffice@strykersportscomplex.com. We will respond to your email normally within 24 hours. The office phone number is 316-260-1060. During registration, call volume is higher with longer response time. Best to reach us via email as we are able to respond during free time.

What are the office hours of the WRSA league office?
Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday 11:00 am – 6:00 pm
Monday – Friday by appointment

Appointments may be requested outside of these hours by emailing the WSRA Office at wrsaoffice@strykersportscomplex.com.

Stryker complex and WRSA office are closed on selected national holidays, please check as those dates approach.

Game Information

Where are the league games played?
All WRSA games will be played at the Stryker Sports Complex, located at 2999 N Greenwich Rd. in Wichita, KS.

What times are games held?
The league schedules games may start at 8:00am on Saturdays and Sundays. Games are also scheduled on Friday evenings for teams who request on conflict forms.  Start and end game times are adjusted based on number of teams playing.  Check online team schedules during week prior to your game at the website on page of Outdoor Leagues or Indoor Leagues.  Game schedules may change throughout the week due to various updates or reschedules.

How many games will we play each season?
The league will schedule each team 8 games per season for outdoor leagues.  Indoor leagues number of games will be based on number of teams registered and Indoor field availability.

New Player Registration

What is required to get signed up?
Players will register with their team/club. Players will be asked to complete a registration and medical release. Players new to WRSA will be required to provide a proof of birth, most common documents used are birth certificate or passport.

How do I register with WRSA?
Wichita Regional Soccer Association (WRSA) hosts recreational and competitive soccer leagues throughout the year. Teams register with our league through the online registration process on or before the deadlines set for each season. Individual players register with teams/clubs through the team/club registration process.

How do parents get their child on a team?
WRSA always has coaches and teams looking for players. Parents may refer to the Team Contact list by season to find contacts of head coach or manager for the teams playing at WRSA in your player’s age. Players are in leagues of recreational and competitive teams by age: U5 to U8 players are recreational and U9 to U19 competitive. Click here for the Birth Year matrix.

WRSA maintains an online list of U5-U8 teams looking for players.  Go to the Stryker website – Parents page to find the most current document.  Contact the WRSA office to have your team added to this list.

If the player is in the U9 through U19 age range, tryouts are held for the teams. This is often attending a practice for a coach to see your child’s skills. See FAQ Tryouts for more specifics.

Are parents required to have the child’s birth certificate?
As a sanctioned league, proof of birth is required to be seen by the WRSA League office when a player registers for the first time. Proof of birth may be a birth certificate, passport or driver’s license. The identification is required to be issued from a federal or state government. Immunization records, hospital birth letters or baptismal certificates do not qualify.

Where can parents go to obtain a birth certificate in Kansas?
Follow this link to request a birth certificate from the State of Kansas: http://www.kdheks.gov/vital/birth_howto.html

Please make sure you are on the Kansas Department of Health website. One copy of a birth certificate should only cost you $15. There are websites that will charge more – up to $60 so be careful when ordering.

Failure to supply a birth certificate before the start of our league session will result in the child being unable to continue play in our league.

Team Information:

How is it determined if my team is recreational or competitive each season?
Teams are placed in recreational or competitive divisions by the team’s true age or division requested at time of registration. Teams requesting U5, U6, U7, U8 will be recreational. Any team U9 and older will be considered competitive. A U7 or U8 team may play up to a U9 division but will be considered competitive at that time. Applicable fees will be paid based on the division requested.

How will WRSA determine team placement?
We base the majority of our placement on the results and stats from the team’s previous seasons. Special team requests and new teams into those groups are considered.  Placement meetings are held week after registration deadlines.  Coaches represent their teams to discuss placement with their peer coaches. Final placement is completed by the WRSA staff. It is our goal to give all teams the best playing experience and establish the best parity possible.

Can a player participate on more than one team?
Depends on the age of your child. Players may multi-roster (play on a second team) on competitive teams, but not recreational. This also applies to guest players. Playing for a second team requires approval of the primary team head coach and a multiple roster request found online.
Competitive players, U9 and older, may play on multiple competitive teams.

Will WRSA allow guest players play in the league?
Yes, guest players will be allowed in the league up to 3 per league game not to exceed the maximum roster for the U9-HS divisions. Guest player permit and guest’s primary player card will be required to be submitted at time of check-in for each guest player. Rules for these guest players are posted to the website – Coaches.  Recreational teams are not allowed to add guest players.

Where do I get a guest player permit?
Go to the KSYSA website, kansasyouthsoccer.org, – Club Admins – Guest player/Travel Permit. Use or create a team password as you will use this site for travel permits.

I need a new player card.
Lost or damaged cards may be replaced but there is a $2.00 replacement fee. USYSA rules mandate that duplicate cards are not issued and WSRA is responsible for this compliance.  Email your WRSA office contact or wrsaoffice@strykersportscomplex.com to request a duplicate card.

Do I need a travel permit to play league games or tournaments?
A travel permit is required for any team traveling to play in a sanctioned competition outside of the State of Kansas. Also applies to any team participating in a Kansas league or tournament if the team is not from the State of Kansas. The purpose of the travel permit is to verify that the team participating is in good standing with their home State.

How do I get a travel permit?
Go to the KSYSA website, kansasyouthsoccer.org, – Resources – Guest player/Travel Permit. Use or create a team password as will use this same site for guest player permits.

Registration Fees:

How much does it cost to play soccer at WRSA?
WRSA will have team fees which include any player fees except for the direct pass-through fees to KSYSA which include $14.25 per player State fee and $20 background check for coaches.  Current league fees can be found on the WRSA team application.

Remember, the league fees include applicable sales tax to the posted fees on the flyer, we don’t want that to be a surprise to you.

Why does WRSA and Stryker charge sales tax?
Sales tax is required by the State of Kansas when a for-profit entity is selling a service or product. Wichita Sports Form LLC is a for-profit entity and the parent company of Stryker Sports Complex and WRSA League.

Sales tax is not required on any direct fees paid to a non-profit entity classified as 501(c)3 such as KSYSA so the $14.25 comp/$8.25 rec per player fee and $20 background check fee is not subject to sales tax.

How much sales tax is charged?
Sales tax is calculated based on State and Local governments and can vary depending on the zip code. Stryker Sports Complex’s zip code is 67226 which has a sales tax of 6.50% for State and 1% for County for a total of 7.50%.

Are there any exceptions to this sales tax payment?

Not unless your youth recreational organization has a nonprofit 501(c)(3) designation AND running a youth soccer league for persons 18 years and younger.  Source is the Pub KS-1510 Kansas Sales Tax and Compensating Use Tax.  A common misconception is that all nonprofit organizations are exempt from retailer’s sales tax.  While a nonprofit status for income tax purposes may be a requirement for a KS sales tax exemption, nonprofit organizations are not granted a specific sales tax exemption except for the exemption listed in the first sentence.

Cancelled or Rescheduled Games

How do I find out if games are cancelled due to weather or any other reason?
WRSA uses a mobile app called RainOut Line in the event games are delayed or cancelled due to weather. This is a free service that will directly text you all league and facility updates (standard text rates my apply). WRSA will also post updates on their social media outlets (Facebook and Twitter) for your convenience.  Both the Stryker complex and WRSA league links are found at the Stryker website, bottom of any page.

The best way to sign up for alerts of Stryker rentals and events , link https://rainoutline.com/subscribe/notify/3167515272/0

To sign up for the alerts of WRSA league events and tournaments, the link is https://rainoutline.com/subscribe/notify/3167515272/0

How does my team reschedule a game?
Complete the reschedule request online form and contact the opposing coach to work out a mutual date and time. Once both teams agree on a date and time, WRSA office staff will reschedule the game and notify both teams of the new date and time. Keep in mind, games will not be rescheduled if within 10 days of the originally scheduled game. Available reschedule dates are posted on the online reschedule form.  The $25 fee to reschedule a game paid by the initiating coach.

The other team will not return my phone calls to reschedule a game, what do I do?
Schedules are completed originally based on both team’s conflicts. If your team requests a reschedule for a game, your opponent may agree to reschedule but is not required. While we encourage teams to work together to play all games, be aware that there are circumstances that the opponent may not be able to reschedule. WSRA is not responsible to resolve differences in the reschedule negotiations.

Coaching Information

Do I need a coaching license to coach in a WRSA league?
No, all coaches are encouraged to participate in the KSYSA Grassroots Coaching courses as continuing education for their team.  Courses are available at Stryker for coaches normally twice a year in the 11v11, 9v9 and 7v7 formats.  Go to the KSYSA website – Coaches to find dates and courses available, www.kansasyouthsoccer.org – Coaches.

How do I get a background check initiated?
Complete the online form, New Team Official found at the Stryker website.  Upon receipt WRSA office staff will send a link to the background check via Got Soccer to the email address provided. Approval may take up to 5-7 business days so don’t delay completing the information.

Who needs a background check?
Any team official who wants to be on the team sideline. This includes coach, assistant coaches, manager or trainers. Parents are not allowed on the team sideline without an approved background check.

What is the cost and requirements of a background check?
Fee is $20 which is good for 2 years from the date of approval. This approval ties to the person not the team. If a coach has 3 teams, the $20 fee covers all 3 teams. Multiple teams will link to the one background check.  Each team official is also required to add a picture to the Got Soccer profile before a coach card can be printed.  Generating duplicate coach profiles results in new $20 fees, please check with WRSA office if you have questions.

I have an approved background check through another organization, will this work?
No, a new background check is required so that consistent standards are applied to the review for all team officials. KSYSA uses a third party to complete the background check with final approval.

What is Safe Sport and who does it apply to?
US Center of Safe Sport is a non-profit organization focused on ending all forms of abuse in sports.  USYSA requires anyone working with youth in sports to complete the Safe Sport certification prior to being added to a team or on the sideline.  Initial course of online videos and Q&A may take up to 2 hours but may be taken in segments.  Refresher courses for returning team officials are shorter and take less than 30 minutes.

How do I connect to Safe Sport for these videos?
Use the same Got Soccer login as the background check to access Safe Sport.   For all new coaches or managers, WRSA will send you the initial link after you complete the New Team Official online form found at Stryker website – Coaches.  Returning team officials will use the same login for the background check.

Issues or Questions

My game score is incorrect, how can I fix it?
Fill out the Score Correction form located here. WSRA Office will verify with the center referee. Once changes have been verified, corrections will be made to the online score.

The referee didn’t give me my player cards back.
If still at the complex, stop by the Indoor concession stand to see if your player cards were returned by the referee. If not or already left the complex, contact the WSRA office by email or phone as soon as possible. If left at the fields, the cards will be held at the office. The head coach/manager will be contacted to determine if the player cards should be held at the complex or picked up by the team.

I want to file a comment or complaint regarding a coach/referee/field marshal.
All comments or complaints are required to be in writing via email or letter and sent to the WSRA Office.  Recommend the email be sent by the head coach once he has gathered the facts from the parents.  The complaint should contain all pertinent information to allow WSRA Office to research the issue such as game date, time, field, 2 teams involved and the specific issue. All written statements will be reviewed by the WSRA Management Team. For referee feedback, please fill out the form here.


When are tryouts held?
Tryouts are held for competitive teams during the Free Agency Period as defined by Kansas Youth Soccer Association. The free agency period for ages U9 to U12 will begin the first Friday in June after the completion of the State Cup tournament. The free agency period for ages U13 and older will begin the first Saturday in June after the completion of the State Cup tournament.

Free agency period ends once the player has signed with a team or club.  Once signed with a club or team, the player has 72 hours (3 days) to notify the team or club in writing that they choose to withdrawal.  After the 3 day period has ended, a player must request a release from the team to be released and talk to any other club, team or coach.

Are tryouts held for recreational teams?
No, tryouts are not held for recreational teams. Recreational teams are defined as teams U8 and younger. Parents may learn about recreational teams by checking our U5-U8 Teams Looking For Players page here.