Coronavirus Updates

Stryker Sports Complex utilizes County, City, and State agencies to continually monitor the latest coronavirus information and implementation of preventative measures for the safety of all those who visit the complex.

The Stryker facility staff routinely cleans and disinfects the interior of the indoor field building and bathrooms as well as the stadium and porta-pots. There are multiple hand sanitation stations located on property for your convenience and safety.

This page will be updated as new information is released.

Effective 2/7/2021, the Sedgwick County Emergency Public Health Order issued the following mandates and Stryker Sports Complex will enforce.

  • A mask or face covering is required for all visitors and employees in following situations:
    • Inside the Stryker Sports Complex Indoor facility, non-compliant spectators will be asked to leave the Indoor building.
    • Outside fields, if individuals are unable to maintain a 6-foot distance except for infrequent or incidental moments of closer proximity.
  • Exemptions to the mask requirements:
    • Children 5 years or younger are not required to wear a mask.
    • If you have an medical exemption, please notify Stryker staff upon entry.
  • Attendance is limited to four (4) spectators per participant of any youth or recreational game or practice.

Please remember to social distance and wear your mask and/or face covering.  Stryker Sports Complex and WRSA appreciate your efforts to keep yourself and others safe.


General Stryker Sports Complex Guidelines for Visitors & Spectators

These guidelines will remain in effect until further notice.

Facility Requirements

  • Spectators/Visitors must wear a mask or face covering that covers the face and nose while entering, inside of and exiting the Stryker Sports Complex for any league or tournament/event competition(s).
  • Spectators/Visitors must wear a mask or face covering that covers the mouth and nose while inside the Stryker Building.
  • Spectators/Visitors will social distance (6 feet) off the field and/or on the sidelines.
  • Families are encouraged to bring their own chairs to sit on along the sideline and sit together.
  • The only field at the facility that has permanent seating is the stadium. When a competition takes place inside the stadium, spectators/visitors will adhere to the 6 feet distancing guideline and spread out among the large bleachers or along the west end of the stadium.
  • Vulnerable individuals are asked to stay home.

Club, League, Tournament/Event Responsibilities

  • Have protocols in place that all members are aware of and have access to.
  • Protocols should include an action plan to address a positive test result and employ an efficient communication plan.
  • Take care in protecting the confidentiality of anyone’s health status.
  • Communicate/Educate the parents/guardians of your membership so that they know and understand expectations.
  • Officials will always wear a mask when not actively officiating a competition.
  • Field Marshals will always wear a mask while inside the Stryker Sports Complex.
  • Stryker Sports Complex will not place any player benches on any fields.

Coach Responsibilities

  • Clubs/Directors and Coaches are the first, and best, line of defense in keeping their teams safe and healthy. Here are some guidelines to help keep your kids safe.
  • Ask your players as they arrive for practice or a game if they have been feeling ill, had a fever or any other symptoms. If they have kindly ask them to go home.
  • Make a training and/or game log to record date, times, locations of sessions/competitions as well as the team’s attendance and opponent’s team name (if a competition).  Should any one test positive on your team, this information will be vital and needed for contact tracing with the CDC.
  • Coaches are the only ones to handle cones/training aids.
  • Disinfect practice and game equipment before and after the competitions.
  • Coaches will wear a mask while coaching during practice and competitions until further notice.
  • Do not allow players to share scrimmage vests or water bottles.
  • Utilize the 6 feet distancing guideline for team discussions.
  • No handshakes, “high fives,” hugs or group celebrations.
  • Keep a bottle of hand sanitizer in your coaching bag for yourself and your team’s use.
  • Have each player bring their own ball and water bottle.
  • Emphasize the importance of washing hands before and after training to your team(s), then practice what you preach.
  • Have an assistant coach, or coaches, in place should you become ill and unable to attend training or competitions.
  • Communicate to your players and families the Stryker Sports Complex Requirements/Responsibilities as well as their responsibilities to keeping themselves and each other safe.
  • No player benches will be placed on any fields.

Player Responsibilities

  • Practice good hygiene and wash your hands both before and after practice or competitions.
  • If you are feeling ill, report it to an adult immediately.
  • Bring your own hand sanitizer, water, ball and bag to practice and competitions.
  • DO NOT share anyone else’s water, ball, bib, bag, or food.
  • Wear a mask before and immediately after each practice and/or competition.
  • You DO NOT have to wear a mask during warm up or the practice/game(s).
  • No “high fives,” hugs, handshakes, or group celebrations.

Parent Responsibilities

  • Social distance (6 feet) while in the complex and on the sideline
  • A mask must be worn if you are outside of your car while at the Stryker Sports Complex.
  • Make sure your child(ren) have masks of their own and wear them while at Stryker before and after their game(s).
  • Immediately notify your coach if your child(ren) become ill.
  • Do not allow your child to participate in any practices or games until they have been cleared by medical professionals.
  • Sanitize your child’s equipment before and after each practice or competition. This includes water bottles, balls, shoes, bags, etc.

Stryker Social Media

In addition to this page, you can also follow us on the Stryker and the WRSA social media outlets to receive updates on coronavirus, what our local government and health officials are doing about it, how it affects Stryker programming and what Stryker is doing to help stop its progression.