• Parents:

    1. Encourage positive sportsmanship by example. Remember that this game is for the kids to enjoy, don’t ruin that for them.

    2. Help your team’s parents regain control if they get inappropriately carried away with their emotions and graciously accept these reminders when offered by other parents.

    3. Be supportive and accept wins and losses. Give positive feedback to players.

    4. Do not coach. Leave the coaching to the coaches.

    5. Interact positively with parents of opposing team or do not interact with them at all.

    6. Do not openly or directly criticize the referee before, during or after games.

    7. Any formal complaint shall only be done in writing by the head coach of the team to the Director of Officials. Recognize that many of the referees are young and are learning to referee. Support their learning efforts as you do youth players because with out them there is no game.

    8. If a parent/spectator is removed from the sideline by game officials or Field Administration due to inappropriate behavior or language, he/she is ejected from the complex, which includes the parking lot, for the remainder of that game. The length of the suspension will be determined by the WRSA Disciplinary Committee.

    9. Any parent/spectator removed from the sideline by game officials or Field Administration for any reason cannot return to the Stryker Sports Complex, Stryker parking lot or any property thereof, for ANY reason until the suspension is served. This includes games you may have with any other children.

    10. Any parent/spectator, who touches, bumps, physically contacts or verbally abuses a game official or WRSA staff member, shall be guilty of violent conduct and immediately suspended from the Stryker Sports Complex for a minimum of one year and potentially suspended permanently.

    11. Multiple suspensions by a parent/spectator will be reviewed by WRSA Disciplinary Committee. Your prior history will impact the length of your suspension.

    12. If the referee terminates a game due to conduct of a parent/spectator, any disciplinary action will be decided by the WRSA Disciplinary Committee. If any parent/spectator involved with a team which gives the referee cause to terminate a game, the victory will be awarded to the opposing team.

  • I have read and understand the rules of behavior and the consequences outlined within this Code of Conduct document for myself.
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