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Message Regarding Entry Level Referee Course

The US Soccer new referee course is in-person one day with the new referee completing the rest of the learning online.  (Cost of the online course is $65.00 and payable online with credit card).

Entry level referee classes are held in Wichita each year during July (Fall season) and in January or February (Spring season).


$17.00     U5-U8  Center

$20.00    U9-U10  Center         $15.00  AR

$25.00     U11-U12 Center       $16.00   AR

$30.00     U13-U14 Center       $21.00  AR

$40.00     U15-U16 Center       $30.00  AR

$55.00     U17 – U19 Center     $40.00  AR

Whether you have experience already or you are looking to be certified to be a referee, we have everything you need to ref at Stryker!

Essential Information for WRSA Referees:

  1. Become a certified USSF Referee
  2. Register with WRSA as a Referee
  3. Get assigned games
  4. Get Paid!

Become a Certified USSF Referee:

USSF Entry Level Certification (ELC) classes for new referees are offered twice a year – in January and July.  See information above regarding the change in structure of the ELC classes.

Officials must turn 14 BEFORE January 1 of the following year to officiate at WRSA in the Fall.   You must turn 14 on or before December 31, 2023 to officiate in Fall 2023.

Officials must turn 14 BEFORE July 1 of the same year to officiate at WRSA in the Spring.   You must turn 14 on or before June 30, 2024 to officiate in Spring 2024.

All WRSA Referees must be USSF Certified in good standing.  Once you are certified, you are licensed to referee in any USSF Sanctioned League or  Tournament, regardless of the state.

USSF Recertification classes for existing referees are offered in November.  This is now an online certification and allows the referee to renew their USSF certification and receive a badge for the year.

Registration and Information:  To register, go to the Kansas Referee website:

If you have questions specific to classes, send an email to:


Register with WRSA as a Referee:  It is important that you first register with WRSA before you contact the assignor to get games.  You will find the required forms on this Referee page.  The below forms are required to be submitted to the WRSA Office,, before you can be assigned for games.

  • WRSA Referee Agreement
  • W-9 IRS form for reporting earnings to the IRS and State of Kansas
  • Direct Deposit Authorization – WRSA only makes payments electronically
  • Referee Waiver – online form


Get Assigned Games:

Joshua Bartel is the WRSA Referee Assignor.  In order to get games, you must first e-mail Joshua at and let him know you are  a new referee wanting games assigned.  Joshua will set you up in the website, used to assign and track the officials games.

  • Always submit your availability as early as it is known for all future dates.  You can always update your availability if something changes.
  • Unlike other leagues, you are assumed available unless you BLOCK the times you cannot officiate in ArbiterSports.  If this concept is new to you, simply BLOCK the entire season and then go UNBLOCK days you want to work.
  • Games are generally assigned on Thursday or Friday for the FOLLOWING weekend.
  • Download the ArbiterSports app for your smartphone.
  • Accept your games using the app or the website.
  • Always double check the schedule each Friday before league games.
  • Fulfill your commitments.  Cancelling assigned games late in the week causes scheduling issues.  Multiple cancellations will result in less assignments for future weekends.

Pay dates and information:  Preferred method of payment is direct deposit to a checking or savings account the Friday following the weekend games.  1099’s are generated at year-end for any referee earning more than $600 in the prior calendar year.  Please consult your tax adviser how to file.


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